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Announcing True Ghost Stories for Android! This app feeds the worldwide hunger for the paranormal and unexplained in a new way. Available to virtually every mobile user in the world, this app’s archive is huge and growing by the minute.

Whether you love a good scare, or want to share an experience that’s scared you, this app delivers!

Join the fun — Download it on your Android, iOS, or Windows Phone 8 device now!

Audio Ghost Stories

Audio Ghost Stories


Recent hauntings!

Nearly an hour’s worth audio — of the creepiest stories submitted to our extremely popular book app “Joe Kwon’s True Ghost Stories from Around the World!”

These stories are presented by professional ghost-story tellers for your amazement, enjoyment, and thrills! Complete with background music and sound effects!

Listen to the stories, and share your thoughts with others by leaving comments within the app! You’ve never experienced anything like this!

And watch for updates that include additional audio stories!!


True Ghost Stories from Around the World

True Ghost Stories from Around the World





Also available for iPad.

Find out why this is the #1 BEST SELLING GHOST STORIES APP, and ONE OF THE TOP 10 BEST-SELLING book apps available on the App Store in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, and sometimes in Canada!

Also RANKING #1 in Macworld’s AppGuide for highest number of favorable ratings above all other Ghost Stories apps!

Are ghosts real? This will convince you.

True stories. And Photos! And Videos! Submissions from all over the world, of the weird, the frightening, the horrid. Hundreds of tales sent us from the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan, England and other parts of the UK, Australia, Korea, Singapore and many more countries — maybe from someone in your own city. We asked people to tell us of the strangest and scariest ghostly goings-on that they had personally witnessed, and they did: by the hundreds. And each certified as true.

You, too, can send us your experiences. Your story, too, can be read from within this very app by the vast iPhone, iPad, and iPod-Touch community!

This app is packed full of ghost stories!

Each day this library grows larger as more and more people share their ghostly experiences for your thrills, chills, and amazement! Will YOUR story be featured tomorrow? Read these stories by candlelight with your friends… but don’t read them alone! Submit your own ghastly story to cause people on the other side of the world to shiver with fear!

Join the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of users worldwide that love to share and read ghostly experiences!

- As Seen on TV!
- Featured on App Attack by Meg Baker!
- Featured on AppOfMyEye!

Based on suggestions from emails, we have added the following features:
- Share your thoughts with each other in each story’s Comments section!
- Rating system! Vote for your favorite stories! Easily find the best and most terrifying stories based on rating!
- Ability to Favorite Stories!
- Read Favorited Stories Offline!
- New Design / Better Graphics!
- Categories!
- Share Photos of Ghosts!

Keep the suggestions coming in! Take part in making this app phenomenal!

More updates coming, with even MORE features!

A few of our many favorite reviews:

- “Ever since I have downloaded this app I check it daily. There are a great variety of stories from seemingly professional written down to the everyday. The users are active in leaving comments on the stories. The admin are active in updates not only on the app itself but on any stories they may have additional info on. Best app on my iPhone. Thanks!”

- “If you’re a fan of the paranormal this is a must buy. Has great and cool stories, whether their true or not, their still interesting, and fun to read. If you don’t believe in ghosts then don’t download this app, and don’t give it a bad review.”

- “I luv it!! My kids sit and read for hours!!”

- “If supernatural events interest you, then this app is a must have! I also like the fact that the app is updated based on user input.”

- “The stories r so scary I deleted it the first time I bought it. Then I re-downloaded it again. I guess I like being scared. The shared stories are really interesting. It’s a great app for long rides or when u r with friends and want to read scary things.”

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